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mux AH initials

simple stuff, but jeah ! i did it. it always feels nice to solve some OF tasks.

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Name Bounce Jurjen

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Algo 005 - Chipmunk collision callbacks

This example shows you how to create your own callbacks and play sounds when collisions occur.

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Mirela name bounce.

and the source code here

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Name Bouncer Fun

So, here’s the first few test I did with having a ball bounce my name. It’s not exactly the homework, so I’ll make a “proper” version over the weekend.

First version:

Then I decided to add some alphablending to make it look better. It’s not running that fast, and it takes some time to make it look cool, so a vid is less interesting. Here’s some screenshots:

And the Xcode project



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Homework - name machine

In the spirit of our previous assignments - make an app that draws your name by bouncing a shape around the screen. Your name will be written by the trail left by the shape.

Hook up a key to toggle hiding/showing the blocks used for bouncing the shape around.

You will need a vector of ofPoint to store the position of the shape every frame - you can then draw this as a trail in your draw command.

Have the app clear the trail and reset the ball position when the ball gets to the end of your name - so it runs indefinitely. Extra points if you can do variations on your name by changing angles of the blocks slightly.

Make it pretty!

Create a post on the blog titled My Name with physics! including the following:

1 - A Vimeo video embedded into the post: [vimeo 0932823] showing your animation. You can use iShowU (mac) or Camstudio (pc) for doing screen recording.

2 - A link to the zipped project code for your assignment.

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AlgoAnimation03 Poster assignment

output at 55.4 seconds
output at 55.4 seconds

output at 56.0 seconds
output at 56.0 seconds

output at 57.0 seconds
Output al 57 seconds

and a link to the source file



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Algo Lab 004 - 2d physics with ofxChipmunk

Grab the 005 examples here - currently a little buggy:

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Fur Posters

Fur Project of Jurjen
Source-code can be found here 

Frame 25

Frame 177

Frame 369

Frame 1225

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The Poster Assignment: Particle Clock (Alex)

So, here’s some of the prints:




And the source code: (just the source folder) (the entire Xcode project)

Movies yet to follow :)


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Poster assignment

The assignment due on April 7th is to build an example that outputs three frames of animation to postscript.

The frames should be 0.5 seconds to 5 seconds apart - and between the three of them they should convey an idea of witnessing a special moment.

Be creative in both your ascetics as well as the type of animation you use. Think about color, weight, balance, timing and force.

Files from class include an example of saving to postscript, but feel free to use any animation techniques we have covered so far.

Post the three frames in order as both jpgs and the original .ps files, making sure to note the amount of time between each frame.

Add a link to the source code of the project to your post.

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Unstable Font - also handy for secret messages

(src upload very soon!)

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Code from class - Particle vs Particle and Vector Fields


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Peter/Jurjen - DrunkSigningSessions

We finished our Signing Machine: Drunk Signing Sessions

Source code:

New source code (Including Texas music and beersounds!):

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Signature Machine - Alex

I’m not really happy about it, wanted to do some other stuff, but well, here it is:



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Signature Machine Homework

Due March 23rd.

Modify the existing mouse recorder (or stroke recorder posted bellow) to create an app that records your signature and draws it over and over again but with the following criteria:
1) The signature is redrawn in a unique way each time. This applies to the actual line and not just the shape. This could be that the signature evolves or it slowly dies or decays, or it evolves.
2) Play with also having the visual representation be effected by the data in the recorded signature.
3) Create a visual style that is unique to your app - not just white on a black background : )
4) The app should run fullscreen.

1) Once it is done you should make a post with the title “Signature Machine - your name”
2) In that post you should have a vimeo video showing the app and a link to the files for your project .

Some related inspiration:

Zachary Lieberman - Gesture Machines:

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Stroke recorder from class

Get it here for xcode 005 FAT:

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My Initials: A.M.

I made this in the bus on the way here, with a great new fever and throat infection (it’s been gone for a few days now though :o)

Here’s all the homework stuff (vimeo didn’t “convert” my video yet, but I’m not going to stare at my screen for 40 more minutes before posting…), and a special Andorran jazzhands for all of you 0.o



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My Initials D. K.

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My initials - M.C.

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my initials - andreas haider

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iLab 3 - Algo Animation Overview

Class 1: Vector Math Overview
Class 2: Vector Math / Animation Pt 2
Class 3: Particle vs Particle Interaction
Class 4: Particle-Particle Pt 2 - Short Animation
Class 5: Vector Fields
Class 6: Vector Fields Pt 2 - Drawing Machines
Class 7: 2D Physics - Box2d/Chipmunk
Class 8: 2D Physics Pt 2 - Physical Design

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Homework Algo 001

Using one or more of the examples from class make an app that spells your initials where each straight line is a particle animating back and forth. 

Try to use different animation techniques for the different particles - experiment with easing, sin, gravity and forces.

Create a post on the blog titled My Initials - Your Name including the following:

1 - A Vimeo video embedded into the post: [vimeo 0932823] showing your animation. You can use iShowU (mac) or Camstudio (pc) for doing screen recording.

2 - A link to the zipped project code for your assignment.

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Links from Algo Class 001

Setup instructions for openFrameworks:

Previous Lab Examples and OF projects:

Code Examples from class:

Projects shown:
Messa De Voce - Tmema

Graffiti Analysis - Evan Roth

Memo Akten’s Gold Dust Demo:

Olympic Ribbons - Moka / Tangible Interaction

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My Initials - Jurjen Versteeg

Here’s the video:

The link for the source code ZIP file:

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My Initials - Peter v/d Werve


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Photos from Open Dag

Sorry if I didn’t get everyone’s work. Here is the link:

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Either I’m retarded, or OF is going batshit bonkers

I’m was working on the audio for our project, and I’m utterly confused now… Spent all night trying to figure this mystery out.

Here we go: within the circle, audio will play.

Easy, calculate the distance to the center of the screen and check if it’s smaller then the radius of the circle.

Now comes the weirdness. Logically it would be something like if( distanceToCenter < radius).

OF does not agree with me on that one…

I have to do this: if( distanceToCenter > radius) to make it work. I’m printing out all the data, and I have no idea what the hell is going on here. Is this some plot to alter the worlds mathematical notations? 0.o

The code.

printscreen with some of the data in the top left, the mouse was in the circle, and the sound was playing.

Mouse outside of the circle, and the sound not playing…

I guess I’m just being stupid, but it just confuses the  hell out of me.

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Always reading the blog

As you can see I am always checking the blog!
Nice to see the progress and if you haven’t posted then post!

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Yes, progress! Since last time there’s been quite some progress. Shapes now move around freely, though not so organic like yet. They rotate as they move, as to move head-forward all the time. Hands in a butterfly shape are automatically recognized and stored. As you can see in the video, the single hand is ignored. I will have to do more testing to see if this recognition really works as well as I hope it does. I need to be sure they do not flutter off the screen, and there’s a small bug in the angle.

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Character Play Update

the bodies are in place now, I just have do some little adjustments in photoshop to get them into the exact right position. All the time I was working with the wrong coordinate stuff, but I found the right ones and when I did I almost instantly had the bodies in place

I have figured out how smooth one character, with some help, but the problem now is that all the characters are drawn in the same place. 

If I have figured out how to get the characters drawn on the right places again I’ll start on the delay.

Bagheera with the head in place. Just some few adjustments in Photoshop will make it look even better

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UPDATE projects Danny & Mirela


After looking for examples of parabolic speakers, we decided to use plexiglass as a material. We looked at commercial parabolic speakers at the Ikea,

The back of the speaker isn’t supposed to resonate, we can achieve this by padding the back of the speaker with heavy wood.

we also found a bit of research done by students from the
Royal University-College of Fine Arts in Stockholm
, they found just about the right curves for the parabolic dishes.

Here you can see some try-outs, using very simple stuff:
a Dish and a steel tube.

We did some work with firmata and servo’s but have decided to switch to stepper motors and a serial connection wich works a bit more stable.
Here you can see a stepper motor working:

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UPDATE projects Danny & Mirela


We started by getting a collection piano samples - these are pretty high quality.
Now we are making a sound manager class, that only handles these sounds.

Next up: looking into building an ir-camera; we’ll probably by a new one for this.

Here you can see some try-outs (again):
This time with alphablending.

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Successful Particles.. Stuck in Classes

We’ve been working on the Particle class
in which we’ve succeeded to implement into our project.

Now the issue we get confronted with is, combining the different classes.
As there are the Particle-class and our Sms-class.

The Sms-class is our class were we receive incomming messages,
and push them into a VectorArray
But now we get stuck working with these classes,
it feels like a fundumental class-structure missing knowledge.
Both separate classes work fine, though together we get only half of the data.

With some help tomorrow we’re hoping to make a big jump!

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Eva Knutz

Just a little inspiration. An interaction designer that also works with interactive storytelling. She is danish but is educated in Holland:

Maybe interesting for some of you!

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Puppets in the x-mas holiday!

Ok what has happened in the holiday….

Not much in the OFwork part of the project. Just before x-mas i made a new video labyrint, according to the last picture i uploadet. It almost works… it just crashes the program sometimes…

Then i have made and LED turn on and of… juhuuu, that works, and the buttons also almost works, i just needs to find the right ones and i havn’t been abel to do that i DK.

I almost have all the OF parts now, i need to make something work on time and then i just need to put it all together!

In the not OF part of my puppetshow a lot of stuff has happened. And i will just post some pictures:

The first is a scetch of how the theater is going to look:

The second picture is the puppets almost done.

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update sharkbate

I finished the sketch that if you are in the right area it gets noticed.

and if you stand in the middle the picture of the shark appears

but i still need to put some kind f timer on it so you have to stand 4 seconds still for the picture to appear and if it appears the picture should stay for at least 30 sec.

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I have been trying to draw the bodies at the bottom of the boundingbox but I think I am overlooking something. Right now I have the bodies drawn on top of the boudingbox and trying to offset them with all kinds of combinations with this code:

somehow I always end up beheading my characters, at one point or another, when I move too far away. I’ve even had the bodies suddendly upside down. Anyone any suggestions?

Another example of weird characters:

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Update Mischan

Ok just a backtracking update…

I finished porting the Johnny C Lees Framework to openframeworks and OpenGL last week. Have to say that it was pretty straightforward as far as OF is concerned. I didn’t incoporate the ofx3dutils addon til now, simply because Lee’s datastructures are more complex and i want to leave in the possibility of using the wiimote.

First screenshot after the final rewrite

First screenshot after the final rewrite

I also got simulated viewers implemented which i will post next when i got the screengrabbing working. At the moment what happens with those viewer is that the view gets recalculated from left to right as often as possible with the intention to get to images (or more) at once through the persistence of vision, which is going to play an even bigger role when you are projecting it on a big screen but more about that in a later post.

first steps in the algorithmic architecture department

first steps in the algorithmic architecture department

For the simulation i will use more objects and they are going to be based on primitive three dimensional forms… with which im still experimenting.

another "angle" on the same thing just for the feel

another view of the same thing just to give you the angle

Anyway to sum it up, im currently working on:

  • using the blob-detection instead of simulating the viewers (practically finished, will upload an animation this weekend)
  • incorporating the tracking and the GL-View into on application so that i can load the example (people walk into the installation setting) and at the same time see and manipulate the 3d-view behavior… and thanks for the FBO example because that is absolutely the right way to do these kind of things.

ok, thats it for now.

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Particle class tutorial screencast

55 mins - 100mb

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I’ve got the bodies under the heads. the problem now is that you behead the characters when you move to far away.

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Screenshot progress.

The hands (Butterflies) can now be stored, and drawn out of an array. They are drawn on variable coordinates, so they move around freely. I will use simplexnoise to make things move organic. To differentiate it now gets random colors.

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Sharkbate Alex + Marel

the shark with thanks to jurjens animation skills!

its divided in pieces but we’ll need to test if the blurry black underneath every piece is convincing enough.
i also made a sound scape what is built up from 3 loops. for the different areas.
heres the first draft!

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a little changeIjust

I just made a small change to my video labyrinth. Instead of having both a sound labyrinth and a video labyrinth, then i will just put the sound and video together in aftereffects and then i only need a video labyrinth. And that looks like this:

so that is what i have been doing!

And this is without the bird…!

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SharkBate Alex+Marel

I’ve been trying to connect a soundFader to the center of mass and to change when entering a new zone,
I got really stuck and Alex is also taking a look. Besides that im busy making sounds for when the installation is working, the design of the shark and a testvideo we could work with.
I’ll soon update them but i’m having some uploading problems.

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Hi everyone,

here are a few stills from what i’ve got untill now. at the moment i’m trying to get the bodies to stick to the heads. i’ve thought of some ways to do it and where to write it in my app but it’s not working at the moment so i’ll have to look at it a few more times;)

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Some Sea Tests

Hi, I’m sort of better again… and here’s a little thingy I worked on today. It’s a test of some water like structures I did, to find out the best way to get a watery surface. The framerate of the video is a it messy, but good enough to get the point across. I’ll clean the code a bit, and put in some comments, and post that too.

On another note, I’m pretty much stuck with the particle fish thing. As yesterday was the first day at could look at code again without my head starting to twist at the sight of small letters, I haven’t put much effort in it, but at the moment I don’t see exactly where to go from here, so I’m looking forward to tomorrows particle class…


flot programeret animation

A little inspiration:

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Little Update: Alex

So, I’ve been in bed all week, flu got me pretty bad. Sadly it also means that there hasn’t been a lot of progress. I’ve been working on a particle tracking a point, combined with a simplex noise number, which is currently working. Also, I’ve been trying to give it a solid sort of “tail”. Which worked to some extent, but not the way I want it to work…
Anyway, here’s a little video.

The framerate is a bit whack, but it’ll get the point across. Goal of this whole thing is to get the shark to make more realistic looking movements towards the target, and not rush in there in a straight old line.

I’m off for tea and bed, goodnight all :)

edit: can’t seem to get the vimeo thing to work…


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We’ve got incoming messages into our OFapp!

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