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iLab 3 - Algo Animation Overview

Class 1: Vector Math Overview
Class 2: Vector Math / Animation Pt 2
Class 3: Particle vs Particle Interaction
Class 4: Particle-Particle Pt 2 - Short Animation
Class 5: Vector Fields
Class 6: Vector Fields Pt 2 - Drawing Machines
Class 7: 2D Physics - Box2d/Chipmunk
Class 8: 2D Physics Pt 2 - Physical Design

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Always reading the blog

As you can see I am always checking the blog!
Nice to see the progress and if you haven’t posted then post!

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Links from class

Making things move blog:

Code from ofAmsterdam workshop - vector fields, particle animation etc

Zach Booth Simpson (butterflies / shadows)

Wonders down under (footprints / ripples from top down tracking)

Outdoor installation turns your shadow into a giant monster (for alex)

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Metal Gear Solid - Trailer graphics

This is one of the trailers made for the PS3 game Metal Gear Solid 4. Notice the overal ambient with the graphics on the background. Really well done, subtile but powerful. Oh see the HD version here.

- Vinesh

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Computer Vision Test Videos

Almost forgot to post my archive of computer vision test videos - useful for developing installations without having the right environment to test with.

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PS3 Augmented Reality demo

Pretty slick!

Interestingly enough it seems the the PS3 Eye has four mic inputs which can be used to determine the 3D position of a sound relative to the camera.
See -

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PS3 Eye Camera - decent cheap camera for os x

Also windows too but it is not working so great with OF at the moment (on windows).

On the mac side of things - you can do awesome stuff like - control the fps, the shutter and the gain - with up to almost 60fps capture (Working towards 120fps). The camera is pretty cheap (about 40 - 50 euros).

For updates on the PS3 Eye and OF.

For Windows users I currently recommend the Phillips SPC1000NC . It is super wide angle and has good manual controls on windows.

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3 Favourite books

Learning OpenCV - Amazon
The Pocket Handbook of Image Processing Algorithms in C - Amazon
OpenGL Programming Guide - Amazon

Also - not in the picture.
The C Programming Language - Amazon - PDF

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Homework Correction - Diagram Size

Looks like this Wordpress theme can’t handle images that are 600 pixels wide - so for your diagrams please make the images 500 pixels wide max. You can link to a larger image if you need to. But for the blog make sure any image is max 500 pixels wide.

I changed the settings so now the medium image wordpress generates for you when you upload a file will be 500 pixels wide. So you can select Medium as the type to embed and it should look good.

To test -

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Links for inspiration

A list of interactive media related websites. Some of the blogs have a lot of content so dig back through the old pages for some gems.

Artists / Small Companies

Interaction Companies


Education / Institutions


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