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Unstable Font - also handy for secret messages

(src upload very soon!)

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Code from class - Particle vs Particle and Vector Fields


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Peter/Jurjen - DrunkSigningSessions

We finished our Signing Machine: Drunk Signing Sessions

Source code:

New source code (Including Texas music and beersounds!):

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Signature Machine - Alex

I’m not really happy about it, wanted to do some other stuff, but well, here it is:



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Signature Machine Homework

Due March 23rd.

Modify the existing mouse recorder (or stroke recorder posted bellow) to create an app that records your signature and draws it over and over again but with the following criteria:
1) The signature is redrawn in a unique way each time. This applies to the actual line and not just the shape. This could be that the signature evolves or it slowly dies or decays, or it evolves.
2) Play with also having the visual representation be effected by the data in the recorded signature.
3) Create a visual style that is unique to your app - not just white on a black background : )
4) The app should run fullscreen.

1) Once it is done you should make a post with the title “Signature Machine - your name”
2) In that post you should have a vimeo video showing the app and a link to the files for your project .

Some related inspiration:

Zachary Lieberman - Gesture Machines:

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Stroke recorder from class

Get it here for xcode 005 FAT:

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