interaction lab @ wdka


Bram Kuiper – Plan Uitwerking


Themeworld (Example Jungle Book)


My idea is to create a theme world with characters walking around. The characters are controlled by the people. When you stand in front of the camera the computer places a character on you.

The characters are made more lively with some extras: Z-space (when you move away from the camera your character gets smaller), talking (when you open your mouth your character opens his mouth), when you move, the character moves but the body tilts a bit to make it more lively.


I’m gonna stay with my example Jungle Book. When I’ve made the code for it I can easily place other themes in the code.



Week 1: Figure out what I’m going to do. Think about the code, what codes to find and copy. BackGround and choose characters. Sounds Playing.


Week 2: Open mouth


Week 3: Tilt


Week 4: Scale


Week 5: Prototype


Week 6: Finished

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